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 · Hurricane Protection Spell Needs: 5 white candles for peace, protection and safety (one larger to use as your protection candle.) 4 black candles to draw away the danger. NOTE: candles should be left to burn completely out or during the hurricane’s …


Storm Magick Practices + Magical Protection for Hurricane …

 · 1. Storm Magick: Thunder Water. One of the easiest forms of storm magick is to collect storm water. We also call it thunder water or lightning water, depending on the …

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 · Hurricane Protection; Can be done around any house, building or residence to protect against natural disasters, storms, and terrorist threats. ... You will need the …


Hurricane Magick Index: Protection, Opportunity, Action

发布日期: 2019年8月30日作者: Heron Michelle预计阅读时间:8 分钟

A Full Moon Spell Using Hurricane Waters. After I collected these waters, I used them the following April in 2019, during the Astrological Blue moon in Aries.


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